The MyVCI mobile app is now accessible by our members.

We are proud to report that we have delivered the myVCI mobile app to our members and after two and a half months of testing the app has proven its worth.

It enables our registered members to have individual connections with the capability to share content securely with encrypted communication.

For joint investigations is available option for multi-peer connection to share knowledge, information and contents between all parties.

The main feature of the App is closed loop between participants in the chats or cases without storage of conversation or content in network infrastructure, everything is stored only on the phones of participants, while everything is encrypted to opt-out any sneaky eyes. One device policy per user account is applied to prevent multi-use or hacking of accounts.

Users can backup their conversations and content on their phones, deactivate the current device and install application on another device with option to restore the conversations and content on the new device. Several new functionalities are under development, including academy and private membership maintenance, which are going to be connected to web site private area functionalities.

Our members can now seek help from members of diverse nationalities, organisational functions and professions through Europe and even worldwide.

This is the reasoning behind several fresh applications for the membership to grow our community and serve public safety in Europe and beyond.